The Sonnets (Penguin Poets)
The Sonnets (Penguin Poets)
The Sonnets (Penguin Poets)

The Sonnets (Penguin Poets)

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Author: Ted Berrigan

Brand: Penguin Books

Edition: Annotated edition

Number Of Pages: 128

Publisher: Penguin Books

Release Date: 01-10-2000

Details: Originally published in 1964, The Sonnets by Ted Berrigan is considered by many to be his most important and influential book. This new annotated edition, with an introduction by Alice Notley, includes seven previously uncollected works. Like Shakespeare's sonnets, Berrigan's poems involve friendship and love triangles, but while the former happen chronologically, Berrigan's happen in the moment, with the story buried beneath a surface of names, repetitions, and fragmented experience. Reflecting the new American sensibilities of the 1960's as well as timeless poetic themes, The Sonnets is both eclectic and classical — the poems are monumental riddles worth contemplating.

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